Dentures have been around for thousands of years. It makes sense since we’ve been facing tooth loss for as long as there have been teeth to lose. But one of the perks of living in the present day is access to hyper-realistic tooth replacement options that will make you look like a new person. If you’ve lost your teeth, trust Central Family Dentistry to restore your smile to its full glory.


What are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic teeth used to restore the appearance and function of an entire row of missing teeth. Dentures are commonly made of durable materials like acrylic or nylon that match the color of natural teeth and approximate their texture.


Are Dentures Right for Me?

Dentures are designed for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth and need a tooth-replacement option. Although most dentures are removable, there are permanent solutions available using implants. However, certain health concerns like insufficient jawbone density may prevent you from being a candidate. Ultimately, you and your dentist can jointly decide what procedure best suits your smile goals.

What are the Benefits of Dentures?

  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Look just like natural teeth
  • Restore your ability to eat and speak normally

Are You Interested in Talking About Dentures in Denver, Colorado?

Living without teeth can be challenging. At Central Family Dental, you can find the solution you deserve so you can start smiling and living normally again. Get in touch with our team today and learn more about our restoration options!

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